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There isn't a fixed route for Lands End to John O'Groats. Those who walk it have the fun of choosing which way to go, deciding to stick to trails wherever possible, or taking detours through more built up areas. I have chosen to use some of the national trails, but also have enjoyed planning to visit some towns I love, or people I love, or places I've never been. The Scottish leg can be problematic in its final stages, so I've decided to do a more unconventional finale, walking north from the end of the Great Glen Way and finishing walking east along the NC500. This felt better than hugging the very busy A99 which is the more traditional ending.

2022-05-18 16.14.53.jpg
2022-05-03 17.36.54.jpg


I'm not going to win any speed contest with my version of the walk - I'm sticking to an average of around 14 miles a day, with the shortest at about 7 and the longest a more challenging 19. That's fine for me, this is about enjoying the journey more than setting myself an unpleasant endurance challenge.


103 days without stopping doesn't sound fun to me.  So I'm going to have rest days every week or so, almost always in a place I haven't been, or that I enjoy visiting.

2022-05-25 21.14.39.jpg
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