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All the stuff.....

Whilst planning this walk over the last three or four years, I have become strangely fascinated by the kit that other long distance walkers have taken with them. In case there are others drawn to this information in the same way, here’s a rough list of what I’m including in my rucksack. The total dry weight is 9.5 kilos, to which I'll add water and food each day.  That doesn't leave much room for luxuries!


Definitely essentials

Osprey Atmos 50 litre rucksack
Montane 3 litre bum bag for the stuff I need regularly whilst walking.
Garmin 66i GPS - for route guidance and the facility to call for help using satellite technology.
Leki lightweight poles
Hydration system - I find reaching round for water bottles annoying, and although these systems all have a distinctive taste I drink more using them than a bottle.
My Iphone - for alternative navigation and everything else to keep me connected.
Compass and maps for most of the areas I'm walking, just in case.
Chargers for the tech, and power bank in case things run out during a walk.
Airpod headphones


Also pretty essential

Walking trousers and leggings.

Walking tops x 3 including one from TVAA

Very light weight zipped micro fleece

Very light weight Arcteryx beta waterproof

Berghaus waterproof trousers

Down gilet

Waterproof socks for using with my Topo walking shoes

1000 mile socks for using with my Meindl walking boots

Underwear x 3 - wear one, wash one, dry one.....

Fantastic hat which has crystals in the brim to keep me cool.

One top that's not for walking, for psychological reasons, so that I'm able to go out to eat without always being a hiker.


Depends on your point of view whether they're essential or not!

First aid kit - a stripped down one that's light but hopefully contains the essentials.

Pain killers

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Other medicines including asthma inhalers

Mementoes that people have given me to give me comfort on the journey, mainly very very light and tiny.

Sun cream

Foot cream


Insect repellent and bite cream

Diary - this really is a luxury, as it's quite heavy, but I couldn't imagine being without it for 4 months

She wee - just in case!

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