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Day 64 - the end!

An early blog today to let those people who are concerned know what’s happening at least for the time being. My physio from Bakewell spoke to me this morning and has said that I must have at least 2 weeks rest before returning to some rehab exercises. So that is the end of the road for now.

I’m not in a lot of pain, I just can’t put weight on my leg. Which obviously for a walker is a bit of a disadvantage. So this morning I’ve been sorting out the admin of what I do next. My landlady here at Forest View in Byrness has been as helpful as it’s possible to be, she’s looking after me till I get a taxi to the next B and B in Jedburgh. The people there have already said that they’ll sort me a takeaway for tonight so that I don’t have to go out. And then my friends Dave and Fi have incredibly kindly said that they’ll do an hour’s detour to Jedburgh tomorrow to pick me up and take me home.

I’ve had so many thoughtful messages, for which I’m very grateful. I’m actually fine. Obviously disappointed, as I was looking forward to the Scottish leg, but Scotland will still be there for another time. I am not feeling bereft, more philosophical that this is all part of the journey. How I deal with not being able to go as far as I wanted is part of the challenge I set myself. And so far I feel I’m rising to the challenge.

I might add more to the blog in the coming days, but in case I don’t for a bit, thanks to all who came along for this ride with me. Seeing how many people have read the posts has been a great and very pleasant surprise. I’ve felt like I’ve had people willing me on along the way, including many I don’t know and will never meet. Writing the blog every evening has been something from which I have got a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. It’s given me a chance to process and reflect on what’s happened, but I’ve also enjoyed the process of writing. I think I might do more when I’m back in my normal life.

As I was lying on my bed writing this, a butterfly flew in to my room. It hovered over me for a little while, and rested momentarily next to me so that I could see its wing patterns. Then it rose up, seemingly took a breath and flew out of the open window.


Total distance over 63 days: 754 miles

Total ascent over 63 days: 92,305 feet (over 3 times the height of Everest. Just saying….)

If you felt like making a contribution to the Thames Valley Air Ambulance to mark the end of the journey for now, then the just giving page is:

Many thanks. X

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Aug 13, 2022

What an achievement! Lands End to the Scottish border in one go. That’s amazing. There’s no shame in stopping now (but more than a little disappointment I’m sure).

Frankly I’m surprised you didn’t call time sooner, with the pain you’ve obviously been feeling. Scotland will still be there when you’re fully recovered and ready to do the second half.

Sending a virtual hug! See you at Choir in October. Mike H


Aug 12, 2022

What an incredible achievement Jane - the miles you have covered in all weathers- I’ve followed you all the way on the Blog and have really enjoyed reading of the sites, the people you have met and your interpretation of all that you have experienced - I know you will return at some stage to conquer the Scottish stretch but until then rest up and we are so very proud of all you have achieved love from The Bingles 👏👏


Robert Ash
Robert Ash
Aug 12, 2022


Sorry to have come late to your blog (was it ever thus) and even sorrier for you and the hard decisions that you've had to make in recent days. Although I'm no medic, it sounds very much that you have some sort of stress injury brought about by constant walking, putting one foot in front of the other, time and time, and time and time again. And I believe that rest is a big part of any treatment now essential. So that's how it goes.

But many congratulations on your fantastic effort so far and I look forward to hearing your plans for completion, that I imagine, will be seriously considered in due course.

PS Butterfly was a Small…


Aug 12, 2022

What an achievement to make it so far. Am sorry your leg has caused this set back but I am confident you will be in the road to Scotland soon. Thank you for the joy you have given your fellow armchair travellers. and yes, do keep writing (preferably on here so I can enjoy your musings). Love Megan x


Aug 12, 2022

754 miles and three times the height of Everest in 63 days is just incredible, such an amazing achievement. Although it may be the end for now you should be so proud, and especially, as others have said, for how inspiring you are. I have loved your blog over the past two months - for the people, scenery and your philosophy on life - just brilliant! As you know I have been on a different kind of journey - first year as a widow - and your adventure has definitely helped me. Onwards and upwards to the next one! X

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