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Raising money for charity has never been the most important point of the walk, but having decided to link myself to a cause I decided to go for Thames Valley Air Ambulance. I’ve raised money for them before and know a bit about them - they receive no government funding and rely on charitable donations to keep them sending highly qualified medics to emergencies as quickly as possible. They have been so supportive of what I’m doing, and we are currently working out how to get information about my walk and the organisation onto my backpack - it might mean that passers by donate!

Last night the TVAA had to come to our village to whisk a young patient to hospital following an emergency. I had to help them gain access to a safe place to land. Seeing the helicopter taking off from the field of the school where I taught for 25 years felt very symbolic. I’m delighted that my trek will benefit them. And then this evening I got the first (very substantial) donation to my just giving page. Already it is making me feel that my walk is not just going to be about a personal journey.

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