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A week left

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

It has been a busy week or two of preparations, both for the walk and getting all my work sorted for when I get back. I’ve also been catching up with friends before I leave. I feel I’ve been cramming everything into every minute of the day, and consequently my training has taken a back seat. I’ve just not had the time to do the long training walks that I’d planned. I’m having to reassure myself by remembering that in my marathon training years ago a tapered finish to the training was an important part of performing well on the day. Just hope it applies to over a hundred days. One of the most important bits of walk based admin has been the definitive packing of my rucksack. I’ve spent months planning what will go in, paring down the luxuries whilst bearing in mind that some of them might be the difference between the trek being gruelling or enjoyable. It currently stands at a ‘dry’ weight of just over 9 kilos. That’s before water and food. Plenty heavy enough. Although the contents strewn over the floor took up a lot of space, it’s quite daunting knowing that’s it for so many days. I’m such a profligate packer normally, this feels quite uncomfortable being down to the minimum.

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