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Almost at the start

When people have asked me how I’ve been feeling about the walk, recently it’s been quite hard to know what to answer. There’s been so much anxiety about leaving people behind, and particularly about whether I’m strong enough both physically and psychologically, that that has overshadowed the excitement. But today we arrived in Lands End, and suddenly it’s all about looking forward.

The weather has been dramatically wet en route, but as the land started to fall away and the road felt increasingly surrounded by sea, the sun came out. There is a theme park vibe to Lands End, but if you face away from the tourist stuff, it’s very much still the wild westerly edge of our island. And to me this evening it is a place brimming with excitement and anticipation.

The weather is forecast fair but not too hot, so I’ll have a leisurely start the morning with some farewells, and then the adventure begins.

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