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Day 25 - Rest day in Bath

I’ve had everything a rest day should be today. I’ve been to the launderette, had an almond croissant at a cafe, booked some evening meals for the upcoming weeks, got some anti-blister supplies and put my feet up. And all of this was with the backdrop of beautiful Bath.

But the best bit of the day was having lunch at the ever excellent Clayton’s Kitchen with my lovely friend Angie and her daughter Frankie. It was so brilliant to catch up with Angie and chat about the walk as well as catching up on the news. Frankie is amazing, she is preparing to row across the Atlantic in an all woman team this winter. We spent time talking about her preparations, it’s such an enormous endeavour and I am incredibly impressed by her. If only I’d remembered to take a photo before Frankie left! If you’re interested in following her, or sponsoring her team, then her page is here:

The weather has been poor this afternoon, which allowed me to have a proper rest. But once it improved a little at the end of the afternoon I ventured out. In strolling round to get a snack for dinner, I had the joy of watching some street musicians. In my first year out of university I financed myself by busking on the flute in the Tube tunnels. I always support good ones now to pay back for the generosity people showed me then. There was a group of 4 classical performers doing the can can amongst other things. They’d drawn a crowd, and they were certainly enthusiastic. But I was more impressed by a solo guitarist who played with intensity and huge skill. He’s the one who got my money (if only I could have taken cashless payments then!), and I’ll be following him.

The blister is healing, but slowly, and I don’t think I’ll be in my boots tomorrow which is annoying. But I’m looking forward to starting the Cotswold Way in the morning and entering a new county.

Local tipple: Jamaican ginger beer

Lunch at Clayton’s Kitchen - fantastic

Homewood whipped ewes curd with heritage tomatoes and candied walnuts

Grilled market fish with samphire, fregola pasta and langoustine sauce

Peppermint tea

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